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Rosana Carrica de Catellani
Name Rosana Carrica de Catellani
Location Patagones , Buenos Aires
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Hobbies Music, dancing, photography.
About Me I work at a nursing home. Lived in the USA for many years, but now I live in the Patagonia, Argentina. Love watching your show. You keep me up to date with music, movies, everything. Love to laugh, and you always make me laugh. What a gift you are to tall of us. Thanks. P.s. It´s one thing my daughter Sofía and I love to do, watch you!
Rosana Carrica de Catellani
Linda, About Those Cupcakes
126 days ago

Hi Ellen.

I live in Argentina, but formerly lived in the states, Miami to be exact. I love watching your show everyday. I watch it with my 14 year old daughter Sofia, and we laugh so much. Thanks for bringing joy into our life on a daily basis.

We love you, we really do.

Rosana and Sofi