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Rosalind Pearl Colon
Name Rosalind Pearl Colon
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Hobbies Traveling , no.# visit You Ellen .Love to visit countries .being Polish , my parents come from there .Had my children now have grandchildren , I am american born . Love to go with my children to Poland to have them visit , see our family there .history of my parents , me growing up there every side of thefamily only have a cousin in america . She travels there .Her husband and she go often . My hobbie is traveling havent since I was 15 .Love to visit family with my children. Xoxo Rosalind The Polish jewish princess
About Me Hobbies , spending time with family and friends , helping others when feeling well. overcoming mentally , much, abuse .Pysically a lot .memoey loss .brain surgery . Never been the same . Hobbies to be healthy , so I may remember all the good memories .making new ones . Much love, Peace on earth Rosalind
Rosalind Pearl Colon
Holly Berry Revealed!
231 days ago

So much I love you ellen , you always make me laugh , I love to laugh. Best feeling in the world, sometimes life can be hard . I am blessed for so many reasons. I must say I love your show , you are a real , honest person with a hudge heart . Love watching you on yourshow. Your such a possitive person, wish more people were like you.genually nice .and you make md laugh what ever my day is like .
Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Rosalind Colon
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I never win anything , its okay , happy got my health a blessing .
Nice to see today people who won , a pleasure to watch .