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Rosalie Klein
Name Rosalie Klein
Location San Antonio, Texas
Age 64
Joined 165 days ago
Hobbies Playing and being with My Grandkids and spending Time with My Beautiful Family and Thankful for Watching Ellen Everyday!!!M-F
About Me My Family is My Life!!! I am a Retired Special Ed assistant and now I get to take care of My Grandkids with My Husband Who just retired (He is the Love of My Life 45yrs in Aug.) when My Daughter-in -law has to travel a week at at time for Her Job. They live in Houston so We just love spending those weeks with Them and all the weekends we visit for all their activities. Our other son Lives in San Francisco so we don't get to see Him very often.Miss Him so Much.When we are all together I am truly in Heaven and Thanking God for All My Blessings!!!!Watching Ellen M-F You just give Me so much Joy and Happiness and Your Kindness is beyond words what You do for Special People on Your Show Please, Ellen,Please Help My Son with Your Beautiful Heart.I can't thank You enough for reading this. God Bless You Your Beautiful Wife and Your Loving Family and Your Loving Family on Your Show!Many Blessings to You All and Good Health!!!Rosalie Klein
Rosalie Klein
Your Call Is Important to Us
165 days ago

I love You, Ellen! I have written around 25 times asking You to please give My Hard Working Son who doesn't make a lot a money and works long hours a Vehicle. It doesn't have to be New just a Good car that He could get to and from work safely. He is The Best Son Ever and I really need Your Help. I am not going to quite asking for Your Help. The Love of a Mom for Her Children I would do anything to make Him safer on the road.Maybe Your staff can go back a read My Letters to You again. Also, I have asked for Your Newsletter a couple of months ago and still haven's receive it.Thank You so much for reading This. I am not giving Up That You will Help My Awesome Son. Thanks You for all You do for Special People who are on Your Show. I usually cry everyday for all The Love You share with Others in need. God Bless You and Your Beautiful Wife and Wonderful Family and Your Great Staff!!!!Thank You Again for All You Do. You truly are A Special Angel on Earth!!!!