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Rosalie Cavanaugh
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About Me I'm a mother of 3 sons and a grandsmother of a 4 year old and 6 month old boys. Right now, I babysit on Thursdays so their mother can do part-time work. The local YMCA has a senior water aerobotics class which I try to attend 3 days a week.
Rosalie Cavanaugh
Keith Urban, Savannah Guthrie
559 days ago

Dear Ellen, Congratulations on your WIN because you are just the best. I attended the afternoon show on Jan 10th and really enjoyed seeing Keith Urban sing and play his hit. While waiting to enter the show, some of the morning show's audience were dancing around us saying they won a trip to Australia and gift coupons. After hearing all this talk we thought that the afternoon audience would be as lucky but we didn't receive anything at all. Now, I can't enter the trip context because I don't have a cell phone. What luck!