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Ronald D. Low
Name Ronald D. Low
Location Strawberry Point, IA
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Hobbies Cooking, hiking, day trips, National Parks, and bird watching. I also assemble pride jewelry from glass beads. I make all sorts of jewelry, but Pride is my favorite.
About Me I am 61, and my husband is 48, we have been married since June 12, 2009. We have been partners since March of 1993, and had a Commitment Ceremony on December 26, 1993! Never been apart since that day. I am retired, but Dan is a working Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Cedar Rapids, IA ... which is a 150 mile commute round trip each day. Talk about dedication! He even drove to work for his patients sake through the blizzard that occurred here just before Christmas. I am TOTALLY in Love with this man! Hugs and a smooch to you Ellen, Ron and Dan Low 418 W Mission Street Strawberry Point, IA. 52076
Ronald D. Low
Jake Gyllenhaal's Hand Injury
226 days ago

Love this man with all my heart and lust ! XOX