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Deck the Halls with Boughs of Cats
596 days ago

I have a Gecko in my Christmas Tree. Gotta love moving to the Sunshine husband brought in the tree and said..'hey honey, look, there's a lizard in our tree."
I looked in the tree and about that time the little green thing jumped, ran past me and found refuge behind my wine bar.
An hour or so later, give or take a vodka martini...I have that strange feeling I am being watched. You guessed it.....little creepy gecko is staring up at me. He literally had his head ****ed to one side just staring up at me. The weirder part is that I asked him what he wanted. No response, I bent down to save him. (Save him from Frank Sinatra and Pony cats) Just as I got my little fingers on his tail he jolted back up the Christmas Tree. Now, it is a waiting game. So, no boughs of cats... I have one Leaping Lizard!