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Ron Harder
Name Ron Harder
Location Abita Springs, La
Age 56
Joined 536 days ago
Hobbies Gardening,Woodworking,watching Ellen,because you know most of the year hiding from the heat is the best afternoon idea.
About Me Not sure but may have already signed up for this,do not need any extra emails, Disabled Diver from Abita Springs ,La.
Ron Harder
Stop Beepin' Honking
235 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am a disabled La. resident. A coment box like this one that goes directly to you and you staff would be nice. If I got a chance to come see you I would bring you and Portia some of our areas best. Abita Beer and La. Crawfish. Keep making great shows. It has became a big part of my day while I was unable to leave the house. Now my big challenge is I am trying to get a new car since mine is thirteen years old and its ready to leave me stranded soon.

Ron Harder
What's Trending This Week
389 days ago

Hello Ellen, I am disabled and enjoy your show very much especially here in La. Its so hot that you run outside early in the morning and do what you can till about noon. Then you come inside shower have lunch and then listen to the AC drain the checking account till you come on TV and give me something to smile about. Since my car broke down I have not had much to smile about lately. Have a nice day.

Ron Harder
Check In to Viggle!
431 days ago

I am disabled and my neighbor,Joann Morales who is lesbian has helped me a great deal during my Mom and Dads succession. I would very much appreciate the chance to take Joann to your show as a thank you for all of her help. We both admire you Ellen and we are from Abita Springs which is North of the lake near your home town. And it is the home of the Abita Brewery we would bring you and Portia some of their best.

Ron Harder
Pecan Pie
536 days ago

Hello Ellen, I am from a little town north of Lake Ponchatrain. The home of the almost famous Abita Beer. I was a diver in the New Orleans area for many years until I became disabled in an accident. I did Salvage work in the Mississippi River jobs like the Mississippi Queen and the Luling Ferry which you may remember and anything else that sank. After my accident my Mom and Dad moved down here from New York State. So I guess you know what everybody down here called us damned Yankees. My Mom and Dad have both passed away in the last few years. Since then my neighbor across the steet Jo Ann has been a good friend and I would like to take her on a trip to meet you and Portia. I know she would love it. I tried to enter your Austalia trip give away but I do not have a picture yet so I figured that asking would not hurt. Take Care, Ron Harder