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Ron Curameng
Name Ron Curameng
Location Fort Washington, Maryland
Age 51
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Hobbies Watching the ELLEN show, Musical Theatre, Puppetry and Rock Gardening, Opera
About Me Recently Unemployed Love my Family. Member of Actor's Equity Association Actor Member of American Guild of Music Artist 2 time "Helen Hayes Award Nominee"
Ron Curameng
Message from Ellen
367 days ago

So sad to hear about Talia Joy Castellano! She was such an inspiration to me and so many other people. She made look at my situation with optimism and look towards being thankful for what I have rather than what I don't have.

Ron Curameng
Message from Ellen
638 days ago

If you're in DC, Drop by my humble home! You are welcome!

Ron Curameng
Message From Ellen
653 days ago

I like to nominate my beautiful daughter, Aria who has been always helping Dad around the house during Mom's hospital stay of radiation treatments and other medical procedures due to Mom's brain tumor and assisting Dad with his mobile disabilities and teaching hula for free as a community service every Friday at a Senior Citizen's Home. In conclusion, Aria is a loving, thoughtful, saintly and unselfish teenager that deserves recognition and much more for her caring and endless efforts of community service without any complaint and served with a smile.

Ron Curameng
You Write, Ellen Responds!
671 days ago

Dear Ellen;

Ever since I lost my job back in May, I have been religiously watching your show. I know you do a lot of great things for people in need and I was wondering if you can help me and my wife who are in desperate need for something for our daughter, Aria.
My family has gone through a string of bad luck. First, I had to have both hips replaced, My wife is diagnosed living with a brain tumor, Our car was stolen twice out off our property and finally totaled, Our house got robed, I lost my job of 11 years and still unemployed and my wife was forced to take a pay-cut
But this request is in reference for my daughter. My beautiful 15 year old daughter who has been assisting Mom and Dad get around with our disabilities and even helping in paying some of the bills with her own money, joined an award winning high school choir during her Freshman year.
At the mandatory parent/student meeting, we watched our daughter perform with so much passion and happiness. The parent choir community announced that the choir will be performing on a cruise ship during this Spring Break. Naturally, everyone got excited for this chance, but my wife and I immediately smiled and clapped to hide the shame knowing that we just cannot afford for her to go with our situation of swimming above water to save our home and dodging creditors.
The cost of airfare to Miami and back and the time on the cruise would be $1130.
As we all drove home from the meeting, my daughter felt our silent sadness and politely said, "Ya know...I don't need to go on cruise, I would rather go to the "Katsucon" here with you any way, Dad." (Katsucon is a convention for anime/cartoon lovers)
Hearing this I choked up and told her, "We can try to find a way to raise the money for you to go with the choir on the cruise, but I am afraid Mom and Dad can't go because I can't just go off for a week if I found a job by then and your Mom used up all her leave for her radiation treatments."

In conclusion, Ellen, do you think you can help assist my daughter, Aria to go on this cruise with her choir. She is such an unselfish and wonderful young lady that also helps with teaching children hula and hip-hop as a community I hope you can find it in your heart to help our deserving daughter.
Luv ya,
Ron Curameng
8110 Fort Foote Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744