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Name romy
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About Me this is me a romy a mother .Real people ...people who will be there for me as much as i would be for selfish people ... please ... and for guys especially ...dont buhshit lines dont lie to me and actions speak louder than words very important talk is very fuckin cheap ...and in definitely not easy!I..m not perfect but im very picky in personality and will continue to be until i find what i want mos guys can handle me because they always judge me before they know me and the realiz i am different and they cant handle that i..m not like most girls i will not tell you things you want to hear sorry im nice but i hate buhshit and most improtantly dont take my kindness for mistreat me i wont deal with it?
Ellen on Her and Portia's 4th Wedding Anniversary
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My name is Romy and Iam a USA at a hospital,USA means unnit service associate meaning housekeeper. I work very hard as a mother of 2 an I would love to go see Ellen live. It would be my dream come true and first time in my life to ever do anything beside working and raising a family. I am hopeful and will pray that I make it to Los Angeles