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Roger Arsenault
Name Roger Arsenault
Location Toronto, Canada
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Hobbies Hanging with my friends, literally laughing out loud, dancing, reading, watching ELLEN; just sayin'...xox
About Me What is there to know about me...? Gay Single Male, 46. I pride myself on being out (since '91), despite the cost of being ousted by a majority of my family. I am honest (to a fault), compassionate, kind, and gentle... I live and work within Toronto's Gay Village. and, Love to (literally) laugh out loud (as I'm told that my laugh is contageous). Thanks for asking...xo
Roger Arsenault
Miley's Wedding and a Surprise Bachelorette!
389 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I have watched your show since it began; and I love and admire your talent, your compassion, your generousity and spirit; just sayin'...xo

While surfing youtube today, I came across this clip, and wondered if you had an opportunity to meet Jack during your recent visit in Australia?

One of the judges mentions your name, and so I thought that you might enjoy watching this....and perhaps, extend an invitation to your show to Jack.

Continued success, you are a shining light within the Queer Community!

Lots of love, xox