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Robyn Waters
Name Robyn Waters
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About Me I'm a 56 year old mum who was blessed with a beautiful daughter,2 precious granddaughters ,a great son in law and the amazing husband.Family means the world to me,having them,good health,and a roof to cover us I'm a very rich person.I thank God for all my blessings.I love animals.My one dream in life is to have a home on about 3 acres with sufficient rooms to care and personally operate myself for abused children as all children have the right and deserve to feel love,secure and safe and also an adjoining pet refuge farm as I believe no two go together like children and animals,innocence . Thank you for reading this Kindest Regards Robyn Waters
Robyn Waters
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142 days ago

Hi Ellen recently I traveled from my home country Australia to Tucson AZ to care for my sister in law who is not well.On my return back home to Australia I was in a hurry to get my connecting flight from LA which was unfamiliar to me as I was running across the road I dropped my phone and a nice person ran over it before I could retrieve it.I did however make my flight in time,minus my phone.I would certainly appreciate a new one.I love your country but most of all I love your show,unfortunately we did not have the pleasure of watching you host the Oscar Awards over here in Perth Western Australia,I left Tucson just three days prior.Take Care Ellen
Sincerely Yours
Robyn Waters

Robyn Waters
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236 days ago

Hi Ellen,I watch your show when I possibly can as I work away,I live in Perth Western Australia.Theres so much I love about you as a person,your compassion,beautiful personality you bring smiles to every one and your genuine sincerity and generosity is unbelievable.I would so love to be part of your 12 days of Christmas show but I understand being on the opposite side of the world this is not possible.I just want to wish you all the happiness and love that life has to offer&may you and your family have a very merry christmas and a safe new year.God Bless you Ellen
Kindest Regards
Robyn Waters