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Robin Paveglio
Name Robin Paveglio
Location Concord, NH
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Hobbies walking dog, horses, swimming in summer, reading, raising teenager, studing for college exams, legal research, advocate for equality and fairness, listening to classic rock and music my guy plays on guitar and piano, and spending time with friends.
About Me I am approaching 50 years of age and find myself laid off from a 24+ year government career in advocacy so I've returned to college to improve my educational background in hopes of returning to work and saving my house from foreclosure and helping my teenager pay for college and a career in medicine. While studing and doing homework, I often playback Ellen Episodes I record daily on my DVR. Her lighthearted enthusiasm and charitable benevolence inspires me and gives me hope for a better future for both myself and others.
Robin Paveglio
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585 days ago

How can those poor victims families in CT enjoy their Holiday now? Ellen, please send your love and smiles to all the families of lost loved ones from all of us like only you know how.