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Robin Kaye
Name Robin Kaye
Location Burbank, California
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Hobbies taking care of animals & art
About Me Just moved to Cali from florida after losing my job of 13 years. Moved here to be wih my son & daughter-in-law.
Robin Kaye
Caption This: Nemo No She Didn't
558 days ago

When my son was little he would have said, " num, nums " . Now he would say...." Nom, Nom....."

Robin Kaye
Message from Ellen
575 days ago

I love your show. Before Jan 2012, I never had a chance to see it. Jan 25th I was let go from my employment of 13 years because of an issue with my back & neck. I ran out of FMLA time because my doctor would not release me to work. I love Sofia Grace & Rosie & you are so adorable with them. I missed a few of you 12 Days shows, been looking for work here in Burbank. I loved here o be with my son & daughter-in-law. When I told my friends in FL I was moving to LA area, I told them I wanted to see The Ellen Show. I think it is great how you help so many people & animals. I am a huge animal lover & have rescued & cared for about 19 animals including 16 cats, a siamese dwarf bunny, a 5ft iguana, a bearded dragon & a red bellied african toad(?). You are a great person.