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Robin Crosby
Name Robin Crosby
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Hobbies Watching the Ellen show!!!! Baking, attending church and spending time with my kids & family!
About Me I am a soon to be single mom again(divorcing) after 2 years of marriage but I am good. I love my kids and I am truly proud of them. I love your show because you give to so many unconditionally. I want to be able to help foster children the way you do! Thank you soooooo much for being you!!!
Robin Crosby
Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
581 days ago

Hi Ellen!!!!
Just want to thank you for who you are and all you do to bless so many!! I have to say I have always considered Justin Bieber to be such sn humble person to have do much responsibility on him. My 19 year old daughter(jn her 1st semester of college) and my 6 year old niece are diehard fans of JB's. He will be here in Little Rock, Arkansas January 16th but of course the tickets were all gone before they could get theirs. My daughter is home for Christmas break and she has my whole household HOOKED on Justin's new CD-Believe!!! Catchin Feelings is our favorite!!! If u can will u see if he has 2 tickets for them? Thank you Ellen! !! OMG I cried so for Juston & Sarah GOD BLESS THEM!!!