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Robin Combs
Name Robin Combs
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Hobbies Grandkids, volunteer work, camping, dogs, and classic cars
About Me I turn 56 today and have had the worse two years the last two years. I have been rear ended twice and now am looking at surgery. Even with all I am going through I know there has to be something better for me.
Robin Combs
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240 days ago

I have been all over your site clicking here and there and it just seems to send me back to where I start. I could never get to register for All the prizes on your 12 Days of Christmas give a way. I think winning the prizes would be wonderful but there would be no way I could take any trips even to see the show which I think is wonderful. I watch almost every week day, except Tues. and that is because I take my dad to the local VA Medical Center and am there all day so I vollunteer there on the Out Patient Surgery unit. I know that I can never repay to a veteran what they have done for me but at least I feel I am doing some good. After they get discharged I am one on Tue. that takes the veteran to their car. When I put them in I always say "Thank you for your service" Sometimes I get a hug, sometimes a thank you back, and one time I even got tears from a man that told me he could never remembered being thanked personally for his service. Yes tear came in my eyes too but it was worth it. Oh, this wasn't meant to be a letter to you, just a comment. So Sorry. Keep up the good work, and I pray that you would think of donation to a childerns center in my name if I win anything. Thanks, Robin Combs

Robin Combs
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603 days ago

I cannot do Christmas this year. I have been injured in a car wreck and will be having surgery on my neck soon. I have been having terrible headaches do to this. I am still having to try to take care of my 87yr old father at this time also. My two adult children I know understand but with their bills they can only do so much just for their families. Both of them have used cars that keep breaking down, my daughter doesn't even have a fridge that is working at this time. All I am asking is to help me put a smile on my four grandkids face this Christmas. Thanks Ellen, even if I am not one that is picked, I am sure the ones that are really need the help. You are wonderful to step out to help others.