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Robin  Bianchi
It's Almost Mother's Day
456 days ago

Mothers Day! Think about what that means & cherish it. As someone who will no longer get to have the joy of spending This day with my son, I have learned what its really all about. It does not matter if they get you flowers or a gift or take you to dinner. What matters is, you are lucky to be a mom & they are lucky to have you for a mom, and THATS ALL. I lost my son Paul 4 mos ago at 22 yrs old. He , of course was my world and i will never have him on mothers day again. Every year, Paul would say.. " Im lucky to have you huh mom" I would answer.. Yep. Then he'd say... "And ur lucky to have me too, huh" I would answer, Yep. That was his unique way of telling me Happy Mothers Day. Those words were the best gifts Paul ever gave me. Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there & God bless you. Robin.
Ellen I didnt kow u had a Daughter. It cracked me up when she played the EMBARRESSED BY MY MOM role on your show. I hope the three of you spend a wonderful Mother('s- plural) day together.