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Name Robin
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Hobbies Singing, playing guitar, writing poetry, song writing, & I love playing all games except mind games.
About Me I am a single mother of 3 boys! I have been Cancer free for 15 years. An bad accident 14years ago messed up my hands & back so I couldn't continue with my career as a Barber Stylist. I decided to go back to school to get my degree in order to work with my mind rather than my hands. While I am over my head in debt, I am very happy to be finishing up my Bachelors Degree in Communications at Grand Canyon University's on-line program. I will graduate at the end of March 2014. There are 3 Cats and 4 6mo old kittens in the house. My favorite is Marmalade she is orange striped with an M in the middle of her forehead and climbs like spider up the stairs railing. I have no camera so I have no pictures. I Love the Ellen Show. She is a funny, lively, awesome lady. She makes me feel better all the time even when I am in a lot of pain.(which is everyday due to nueropathy.
Katy Perry Performs 'Unconditionally'
212 days ago

Wow! That was amazing! I love Katy Perry! Her voice gives me chills!