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Robert W. Mielke
Name Robert W. Mielke
Location Portland, OR
Age 65
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About Me I'm a retired electronic technician that loves your show, photography & the Pacific Northwest.
Robert W. Mielke
Message from Ellen
67 days ago

That $25,000 prize would change my life. I've just been evicted from my condo because my landlord spent my rent money instead of paying the mortgage payments. As a result I'm staring at being homeless for the first time in my life. I have 6 days left before I must more. I'm crossing my fingers & toes that God may open doors so that I can keep a roof over my head.

A retired senior

Robert W. Mielke
Web Videos Live! A Jump Rope Champ
115 days ago

I can't afford television but I enjoy watching your show's episode on the internet. My favorite segments involve animals, especially cats. Thanks for being so entertaining for so many years.