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Robert McNally
Name Robert McNally
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About Me I could not find the years on your diagram. I am 80 years of age, born 10/08/1932. Born in Bridgeport, Ct. I spent 39 years as an auditor for an insurance company. Played football in my yoth and did some boxing. Still Shadow boxes. Likes exercise and as a youth loved showing off and was a deering do fellow. Now a lot more reserved. Married, two children, four grandchildren.
Robert McNally
Book Pick: 'Main Street Vegan' by Victoria Moran
461 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I've been encouraged by a fan of yours to send you a book I have written. She thinks you would love it. It's title is "I Had Jelly on My Nose and A Hole in My Breeches." The book is on Amazon, soft cover and Kindle.
The book is a memoir of a modern day Huckleberry Finn who delighted in youthful romances and wild adventures. My earliest memories are about living on top of a hill next to a crematory and across the street from a cemetery during the Great Depression. The only people I saw were the members of my family and Mrs. Wagner, who lived in the only other house on the hill. The living atmosphere was rather strange, but to this three year old it seemed normal. I watched daily the wanderings of Gypsies, beggars and hobos. Down from the hill was my only playmate, Rosemary.
I was fortunate to have a review which among other things said that they didn't realize what a find my book was. The reviewer said the story teller is gifted and has the ability to make you fall into his childhood so naturally and well. You feel as though you're right there with him, as part of his family.
The reviwer said the book has sweet honesty and gentle humor. My childhood really was quite interesting. The reviewer said there was no need for embellishing any truths,which makes it a lovely, slice o' life, feel-good, easy read.
I would love to send you my book. Please let me know the address.
Yours Truly,
Bob McNally