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Robert Lewis Sr
Name Robert Lewis Sr
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About Me Since Jan. 2008 I've gone through 5 spine surgery's. The first one I had was C-3,4,and 5. They had to go through the front of my neck and put a plate and screws in. The 2nd one was C-7 and T-1 which had to be fused. The surgeon nicked my spinal membrane that caused me to leak spinal fluid. They were trying to send me home with it leaking. My 3rd one was going to Cleveland to fix the leak that the surgeon caused. The 4th one had to fix a pin hole in my spine that was causing me to black out and have headaches I went back to Cleveland for that one and they also had to put rods and pins in C-7 and T-1 and put cow hide around the hole to fix that. The 5th surgery was done at St Elizabeth Hospital and it dealt with my lower back. My legs went numb so they had to rod, pins, and screws in from L-3 down to S-1. They then did a nerve test and found out that I need surgery on my rt. elbow and wrist. Then when that is done I'll have to have my left wrist done. The nerve test also showed something wrong again with C-7, and C-3 and 4. I had an MRI done on 07/02/2013 to see if I need more spine surgery. My surgery on my rt. elbow and wrist will be scheduled on 07/18/2013.Please pray for me and my recovery. This will put a strain on our money situations put my girlfriend of 21 yrs. will help me through another surgery. She still with me after all I've been through. It's a struggle put with help from people we might just make it.