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Robert Johnson
Name Robert Johnson
Age 61
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Hobbies fishing for Bass
About Me use to work for GL Homes Valencia Lakes Tampa Florida . was going to retire next year but had trouble with my lung and heart made that imposable Dr, told me I was done working and I signed up for disability SS a year early for SS and just waiting for word if I get it ,, heard nothing as yet living day by day with my wife SS she gets and it is hard alone my hospital bill is over 1 million dollors and hope medicare helps out soon but no word yet ,, mean wile iam trying to do this for kids to give them a smile for they are our future ,, not much more to say but thank you for looking into this and go from there the cook off and auction is in November if you need more go to my page on face book and look up Bob Johnson Ruskin Florida that be me and you can see link or I can send it to you if you need be .... thank you for everything Bob Johnson
Robert Johnson
Message from Ellen
197 days ago

you Rock for sure and my health is not the best but I will return for the Kids of the world .. check them out you will se why iam working hard to get my health back better to help them ,, God Bless you and thanks again for all you have done for kids ,, your friend Bob Johnson Trophy Life Member North American Fishing Club since 1995

Robert Johnson
Emma Thompson, Lenny Kravitz
218 days ago

love your show and if I win I would give lot away to make a smile like you do also you Ellen Happy and very Merry Christmas to you and yours

Robert Johnson
Day 12 of 12 Days, Katy Perry
221 days ago

your great and all I want for Christmas is to have my daughter talk to me ..long story but tell Tara to call your Dad Bob .. thanks Helen love your show

Robert Johnson
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
328 days ago

I would love for you to surprise or help 3 disjocks from a radio station and it is a am station ,,this is there 3rd year for helping kids around the world with Illness and to get them out and fish for a day or what ever ..iam a fisherman from Ruskin Florida and the radio station in at Maitland Florida and I asked them if I can get something for there auction and they are having a fish cook-off also 3rd year and helped lot of kids why I ask them if I can help this year they are putting lot of time and effort in this and also Universal Studios here Orlando helping also and I have a few other I asked and are the ride with me to help them .. to help ill kids have a smile if for just one day be pay enough for me ,, I been a avid fisherman for Bass and last Feb I ended up in hospital with lung problem and heart problem and was told I was done working ... I was going to retire next year at age 62 but that out of window ,, iam going to help the radio bunch from Maitland Florida with kids auction and looking for all we can get for this great cause were I worked befor GL Homes was holding my job but I had to tell them I can`t come back and I hated to tell them I love working there and even Gl Homes is going to help with gift cards to auction off well what iam asking is to show the 3 disk jockeys they are great and want to make this the best year for them .. it is going to be held in Orlando Florida this year and iam going to be there also to help with auction ,,,iam not into the cooking part ..there going to be different chefs and a cook off with fish or what ever and all money going to help ill kids smile at least for a day if not more ,,, maybe you can send me some things or even look into helping these 3 guys will be great and a big hit ,, ,,if you can send something for auction please autograph it and you will be named as helping also with auction and help make some money for this great bunch of guys for the kids of the world ,,my home address is

Robert Johnson
2525 Gulf City Rd, lot 40
Ruskin Florida

thank you again from the kids ahead of time and a big thank you from me Bob Johnson may God Bless your show also