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robbie kulz
Name robbie kulz
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Hobbies baking for friends volunteering listening to vinyl with my hero (husband)
About Me hi!.....i've worked at TARGET for 18 years!....yeah for freakin black friday tomorrow! hee hee hee. just love life to the fullest. i live everyday doin a "pay it forward" if i can. (i love gettin my friends to do the same!)...i could go into detail on some of the ones i've done...but,...don't like to brag should be done EVERYDAY!...i'm just a simple me living a simple a little town outside of gainesville, florida. GO GATORS! anywho...thanks for takin the time out for just readin this ramblings.......hee hee hee. happy thanksgiving to you, your crew of coworkers, your wife and family!......<3
robbie kulz
The Story of Thanksgiving
609 days ago

saweeeet monkiness!...even though i absolutely loved your thanksgivin tribute with the pumkins and guords (sp?)....i just saw where he had kill me ellen! um, i was just wondering where ya got that rustic picnic table? i've been wanting a picnic table as my diningroom table for YEARS!...that one was absolutely fabulously gorgeous! a site, an address, or phone number of the builder for that?...i'm totally "technology illiterate" other than emails or handwriting to a company. so, if ya got something for me in easy terms on how to find tables like that?....i'd love you more than ever....which, um, can't possibly imagine that much love.....bahahahahahaaaa.....:D.....happy thanksgiving!.......i'd tell ya you rock...but, um, pretty sure by millions of people tellin you that...ya know it! ;).....thanks in advance!