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(Ms.) RJ Morss
Name (Ms.) RJ Morss
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Hobbies Calligraphy, drawing faces with Paint (like my avatar)
About Me I love to laugh, especially when playing pranks (usually sneaking up on someone & scaring them makes me laugh the hardest); ok I admit it, I've got a sick sense of humor LOL! I'm also learning about The Gentle Way and Most Benevolent Outcomes, getting in touch with my Guardian Angel(s) and related spiritual guides. It's a spiritual thing... :^)
(Ms.) RJ Morss
Hayden Panettiere on Her Fiancé, Waxing, and a Hedgehog
238 days ago

Gosh, Hayden is so pretty and has the most awesome smile. So happy for her that she's engaged and of course as a fellow animal freak, I so enjoy seeing the precious little Hedgehog. As always, enjoy Ellen's show so much. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving to Ellen and all of my SoCalifornia neighbors.

(Ms.) RJ Morss
Exclusive! Will Smith's Greatest Fear: Mice
434 days ago

Awwwwwwww I agree with Ellen, mice aren't scary at all - they're sweet and cute. I love mice. What I'm afraid of are roaches and beetle type bugs bigger than ladybugs. Yet, I don't like to kill them, so if (God forbid) I should see one in my home, I just take a cup and scoop them up and throw them outside where they belong. :^)

(Ms.) RJ Morss
Jen Aniston's Ellen Scare Fail
461 days ago

You're good, Ellen, that's true and I've LMAO watching your prank videos, but I'm not far behind ya when it comes to scaring people. I used to sneak into the shower while my 6'2, 250lb bf had his face all covered in soap and I'd stand there quietly and once he washed off his face, you should've heard him scream like a girl! This was while he was jumping a good 3-6" off the floor of the shower. He went out and bought a clear plastic shower curtain after about a year of that. Other things I would do is when he came home late from being out with the "boys", I would hide under the bed and when he sat down on the bed to undress, I would grab his leg - the screaming made me laugh for days on end then too. Or when he opened the closet to put his coat away, I'd jump out just as he opened it up. When we broke up he told me he was glad because he was too scared to live with me anymore lol.