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Rita Hough
Name Rita Hough
Location Clinton, MI
Age 59
Joined 631 days ago
Hobbies srapbooking grandkids pictures,reading,movies,shopping![can't afford that one-lol]
About Me I'm 58,married[husband has 1-2 yrs to live-cancer]he has early ALZ but doing fairly well,2 grown sons[one son is gay one is married]2step children,son in law,fabulous daughter in law,3 living sisters[2sisters died early]great friends and church,love life,all 6 of my kids and 6 grands are my great joy in life,and most of all I am blessed beyond belief!!!
Rita Hough
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593 days ago

Hi Ellen I tried to join twitter but don't think you can do it on dial up,couldn't even down load video-lol.I am so technologically challanged don't even know what some of the things you have listed are[tublr,getglued etc]and don't have a cell ph!Hope you have a REMRY HIRMTSCSA and your RASDC are out and your RETE is filled with GIHLTS and NARMNTOES!You deserve alot of SPTERESN too!Also hope your SSOTCIGKN are full from ASTNA and NADYC NCSEA from PUDLORH !!!OLEV,Rita

Rita Hough
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596 days ago

Hi Ellen Loved todays show.Can't seem to enter the contest for day 5.It keeps saying it ended Dec 5th.I liked todays best as the money can be used for gifts at JCP instead of a trip somewhere that I cannot take.These gift cards could help my sister and I get our kids and grands something for Christmas!HELP...trouble entering and I have dial up[ugh!].I don't have a cell ph to enter by any of the other ways [I also don't even know what some of those other things are-lol]I only have this way to enter.God bless,Rita

Rita Hough
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596 days ago

Hi Ellen I AM A CHRISTIAN AND I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!Ijust seen something on yahoo about a million moms being against you and they are "christian".Sorry I don't believe they are!Jesus says we are to love one another as He loves us.My son is gay.He was terrified when I told him 15 yrs ago that I joined a church and got saved.He did not have to worry as I KNOW God made each and everyone of us and He knew who we were going to be and HE LOVED US ALL!We are ALL Gods children.For give them their ignorance Ellen!No wonder people back away from God and so called christians when all they do is show hatred.That is NOT the Jesus I know and have a relationship with.Read your bibles people!!!!!May God bless you Ellen and have your back.He loves all of us.You should say "be kind to one another AND love one another!"Love you Ellen,Rita

Rita Hough
10th Anniversary Show
612 days ago

Congratulations Ellen!10 awesome yrs!Here's to 10 more then 10 more after that,then maybe retire-lol!I hope and pray your mom is better and gets to be there for your big day!Love and God bless to you,your family and staff,Rita