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Rita Bauer
Name Rita Bauer
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Hobbies Reading, sewing, loving life
About Me I am 63, retired after teaching for 36 years, and working to get in shape while I watch your show daily. I do not need a thing because my life is full. It would be fun to win something because I never have. Guess you could say winning something is on my bucket list along with touching a whale. It's a diverse list.
Rita Bauer
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216 days ago

Today's my fist day watching since out of hospital. Life is glorious and I'm cancer free. It's a win-win. Things don't happen the way we expect but that doesn't mean they aren't still blessings. Yep, I'm blessed even though I couldn't figure out how to sign up again. At least I can blame this addled mind on meds and not my age!

Rita Bauer
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223 days ago

So thankful for DVD because I will be in hospital Monday and Tuesday and won't be able to watch days 8-9 til I get home. I will be ready for some laughs. Keep 'em coming.

Rita Bauer
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598 days ago

I ride my exercycle for the hour of your show. Upbeat music helps me get my rpm's up. Your are keeping my pacemaker jazzed and helping me be heart healthier. 10 more years!