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Ricki Tedder
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Hobbies being with my granddaughter and just hanging on
Ricki Tedder
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Hi Ellen,
My name is Ricki Tedder from Winston Salem, NC. I am a huge fan and DVR your show every day so as not to miss anything.
I so admire your lifestyle. Your generousity and kindness are overwhelming. Your October breast cancer awareness is fantastic. I'm writing because I have pancreatic cancer and there are not as many of us as breast cancer patients. Breast cancer survival is now around 90%, pancreatic cancer is 6% and has been for over 40yrs. There is a bill in congress right now that will provide more money for research for pancreatic cancer. It has passed congress and will go to the senate. Please encourage your audience to go to and read more about it and how to contact your senator and ask him/her to please support this bill. Some of us are counting on it.
Thanks again Ellen.
Ricki Tedder