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richard kump
Name richard kump
Location Artesia, N.M.
Age 64
Joined 686 days ago
Hobbies grandkids ( 5 ) basketball & golf
About Me A forever fan of Ellen.retired band director,traveling Paw-Paw,loving husband of Kathy,lucky son-in-law,of the Greatest Mother-in-law. Want to win a trip to see Ellen for me and my girls.( Kathy & her Mom ).
richard kump
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449 days ago

I am retired from teaching beginning band to 6th graders for 41
years. Imagine those first notes,that only a Mother ( and I )
could love!!! I truly believe I deserve the 12 days of Christmas

richard kump
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449 days ago

I retired from teaching 6th & 7th beginning band for 41 years!!
I have been THE oldest Taylor Swift fan for several years now.
She is the best singer-song writer in music today. Sorry Ellen , but you come second to Taylor ! It would be an old band director's dream to win tickets to see both of the most awesome ladies that I admire !!!

richard kump
Ellen and Portia's Anniversary Skywriting Through the Years
686 days ago

I just retired from teaching BEGINNING BAND INSTRUMENTS for " 41 " years. I have followed your career forever,and LOVE and RESPECT you for sooo many reasons. Whenever there is a school vacation I schedule my 3 o'clock hour around your show! Now that I am retired,I have been helping my Son and Daughter-in-law
with their 16 month old twins,while he starts a new job and she
tries to convince their 5 year old to go to kindergarten.After
watching SPROUT TV all morning(which keeps the twins'attention),
I make everyone watch ELLEN !! The twins usually join dancing too. It would mean a breif vacation for Paw-Paw to fly from Albuquerque to see you... Maybe even bring my Wife and Mother-in-law,and win all kind of points.YOU are truely my favorite.