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Richard blackiston
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Richard blackiston
Ellen Races Jimmie Johnson
511 days ago

Dear Ellen . I'm writing you to ask for your help on a way to say thank you. To a very special woman in my life. Her name is trey. I met her in July n been with ever since. She has changed my life more than I could imagine. Trey has shown me the purpose and true meaning of what life is supposed to be lived. She has giving me the strength to be a better person , a friend and a father. Before she came into my life. I was going down a road of destruction. Being back on drugs and not being there for my kids. If I could afford it . I would love to take her to a bon jovi concert. And dance with her to our favorite song " bed of roses " to look into her eyes and say thank you. For being person she is. Be honest Ellen I feel that I'm a thief because I have gods perfect angel next to me. So if you could help me to say thank you to her. I truly would be greatly appreciated. Thank you