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Richard Albury
Name Richard Albury
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Hobbies Universal Studios, Disneyland, Watching Ellen and Hawaii Five O Collecting
About Me Been Ill, I almost broke my neck so been through five surgeries, It happened at work and after ten years, My Company let me go, workers comp will not pay me. So I lost everything I worked all me life for, my dog pasted away this past year too. I am just all alone and lost everything this year as I can not get work to pay for the injury I did not ask for. I would like to just once see my luck turn around and Have one good day would be wonderful.
Richard Albury
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211 days ago

I would like to win the whole 12 days of Christmas, as this year Has been a very bad year, Well the last two years have been bad for me! I was at work at got hurt were I almost broke my neck. Workers Comp and my Company I was with for ten years have not paid me anything. I have had to sell off almost everything and still lost my house, It looks like I will lose my car in Jan 2014 as I can no longer pay the payments. As I am out of money and have nothing left to sell. I am living in a friends garage right now, but he my sell the place then I will be looking for another place to stay until I get on my feet again. So to win something anything would make my day/week/month! It would just be a pick me up, I need that hope of light just to make it through the day. I have tried for tickets for your show for many years but have never gotten chosen to get a ticket. I am all alone so I just need one little ticket. So if you read this and put my name I hope to get picked, if not at least I tried again. It would just be great to know someone out there does care about myself and trying to help Me something to fight on for. Thank You, for everything you do for others. Ellen You are a very special person to give so much love around the world. I know you make me smile when I get a chance to see you on TV. As I do not have one now and even if I did I would not have cable to watch it :) So I try to watch your show when I am at the Doctors office, I stick around even if my appt time is over.