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Name Richard
Location naples, fl
Age 47
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Hobbies Love to Dance, Sing, and make people laugh. and I love to give advice to those in need,I'm a good Mentor and Leader
About Me Ive been known to make people laugh and some say I'm in the wrong profession. I am half Mexican and half Cherokee Indian. and I dont look like I love to travel and I love suprises. I love to see people smile and I will do my best to make the sadest of people smile even if its only for one day. so enough about me, im kidding back to me, lol and I have an awesome significant other who is an RN and is continuing his studies he is Jamaican and we support one another. he takes care of me, and we take care of each other. ok is this enough info about me Ellen? if you need more call me damn love you Ellen and Porsha
The Weekly Tweetly Roundup
684 days ago

Ellen you are such a tweet person if you tweet me right I will tweet you better. lol thank you for making me laugh tweety I really appreciate it. I taught I saw a putty tat!!!