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Rhonda Spann
Name Rhonda Spann
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Hobbies singing,sewing,traveling ,dancing,event planning
About Me I plan pageant events and would love to have Ellen as one of my judges or at least be able to bring the winners on her show. love working with children. I am a Mom and proud grandmom. My husband and I are raising my 3 talented grandchildren,whom one of them is a up and coming singing star. He loves both R&B and Classical music. He hopes someday to meet Ellen and perform on her show ( we pray because this would truly be a blessing).
Rhonda Spann
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569 days ago

Dearest Ellen,
Happy New Year!!!
My name is Rhonda and I have written you a few times. My family and I love watching your show. My now 12year old grandson still has hopes of appearing on your show some day. I actually started writing you about him and his singing talent when he was 9 1/2 , but never heard back from you??? Anyway!! as you love to say I am not giving up. I heard you love to give people their shining moments, and I am asking if you would reach out to him? He is in the 6th grade and would love to perform for you and your guest. He is a great fan of Justin Bieber ,Usher, Micheal Jackson just to name a few. He sings R&B to Classical. Let us know I would love to send you more information about him. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks! Rhonda and Family