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Name rhonda
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About Me I am a mom. Married with my husband for 20 years. I love life and thankful I'm here. Just hot laid off in July. I have worked since I was 14. Im lost:) I love watching u make others life change. I cry a lot of happy tears with u. My buff is now jealous ofnour
Message from Ellen
563 days ago

Hey Ellen. Happpyyyyyy nnnnneeeewwww yearrrrr! To u as well... excited to see Bethany. I'm excited kids r going back to school and I can focus on ur show. I was glad there was mostly repeats cause with kids home I couldn't even take a breath and watch the so cheers to end of winter break. :)

Anne Hathaway, CeeLo, and Day 11 of 12 Days
584 days ago

My 9 year old sons new joke...

Where do frogs eat?????


LOL *:)

Anne Hathaway, CeeLo, and Day 11 of 12 Days
584 days ago

Ok Ellen, my 9 year old watched your 12 days of give away the day after we won a local car contest and we went there to see what we (and 100's of others) also won. Lol long story short a scam. ....we got water bottles tshirts with their logos on them. So he says I wish I was on the Ellen show.... but really mom? Its probably a scam too. Right? Nobody gives stuff like that it was sooooo cute because days before he was driving me crazy about taking him to the dealership to see what we won. Over and over and over again cause it said " you won!" Come get your thousands dollars. So I finally did to find out ;( scam. Now what have I done?
On a lighter note:

Where do frogs like to eat??????