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Name Reta
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Hobbies scrapbooking, card making baking watching movies
About Me I've been out of work for over two years and looking for a job. At this point I would work part-time just to help my husband with the bills and to keep us from going into foreclosure again. If you know of anyone in the Inland Empire who needs a hard working 52 year old woman, I'm your woman.
Bon Jovi
398 days ago


Love you and love Bon Jovi been a fan since he started, and now my 19 year old daughter is probably a bigger fan than I am. If that's possible. I entered the contest to win tickets to his New Jersey concert meet and greet and was wondering if you will be posting the winners? I so hope we won a pair as my daughter and I would love to see him again.'

Love you and keep on dancing,

Reta and Samantha

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662 days ago

Hope you have a speedy recovery Betty...