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renee skalet
Name renee skalet
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Hobbies I grow orchids
About Me I am a Mom with 2 children, 39 and 40. I have 2 cats that I rescued from the woods on my property. They are very funny. One talks to me all day and that is Mr. Rosie Greer...we had to call him that after we found out he was not a female. My other kitty is a feral cat that was brought home by Rosie one night and you could count his little ribs...he is charcoal gray and has a white mask on his face that resembled the Phantom of the Opera and so his name is Phantom. It suits him because you call him to come in and he is no where to be found...I turn around to go back in the house and he is standing right behind me...I have a wonderful husband named Philip and he is my rock. I have had may operations and he takes care of me better then a nurse. We are very compatible...he watches TV and I am in the greenhouse...hahaha...we love football both college and the NFL. our son went to Florida State University and so we are Seminoles...He lives in NY and my daughter lives with her family in Colorado Springs...I don't get to see them much. I have an 1 year old grand daughter Olivia...she is a whip and very athletic -. skies, climbs mountains, hikes camps, runs track and now wants to play volley ball. Well that is it, my life in a nut shell and I hope you have a wonderful GIVINGTHANKS and of course CHRISTMAS...
renee skalet
Lady Gaga on Her Boyfriend
241 days ago

I am 70 years old and I LOVE LADY GAGA.... cause I was born that my day our Lady Gaga was Madonna...well all these years later Madonna can't compare...Gaga is BRILLIANT - THE BEST