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Renee Moore
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182 days ago

My son was born 3 month premature. He was at Cincinnati children's hospital for 4 1/2 months. In that time we briely meet a family that had a beautiful baby boy that ended up being transfered to columbus get a lung transplat he is back in the hospital now. I dont k n ow much about his medical issue . He has been fighting and being stong. I have been following them on there facebook page julians goupie love. We haven't seen or talked to them since they left for columbus. But like I said I follow them on facebook. He is so precious and he and his family could use some help. They just welcomed an new addition to the family. Julian has a new brother. Now and they comute from fairfield oh to columbus to see him when they aren't working. He is so inspiring. He's so tough and such a fighter. We pray for him and his family every night . I would just love to see them get some help. I know personsonally how much it would help and I want that for this family they deserve it.

Renee Moore
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427 days ago

I'm a stay at home mom with a an 11month old son. He was born premarure. He was born at 28 weeks and weighed 1 pound 9.5 ounces. He's doing well. But can't go to daycare due to a common cold makes him real sick his lungs and immune system still has some catching up to do. So I can't work. My fiances works but his checks barely get us week to week. This would help us catch up on bills and get a better place to live. It would also help to get me a vehicle everytime I save up for one a big bill comes in and there goes the savings. One day I will own an escape. But for now we have to keep up on bills.