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Renee Humphries
Name Renee Humphries
Location marietta, georgia
Age 39
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Hobbies my kids,my animals:):)
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Renee Humphries
Couples Tower Isle Deal!
582 days ago

Merry Christmas to u n porsche.May you days together be filled with love,laughter,happiness,joy and are a wonderful person.thanks for being u and allowing us to be apart of your life......Lots Of Love,be blessed........

Renee Humphries
Worried About Gifts This Season?
605 days ago

I would like to be able to give christmas to my 2 boys.One is 17 and 10 mos.I havent put a tree up in ten years or really celebrated it for 10 years cause i allways have to work.I am single mom,am waitress at waffle house.for 10 years ive allways bought my 17 yr. ols christmas and birthday at the same time at tax time when i can afford to really get him something nice.Now i have a new little one his first christmas.And as of now no tree.Cant afford one,and will be working from 6am till 4 or 5 chirstmas eve and day.i dont want my little one first christmas to be no christmas.All i really want for him is a bed,hes sleeping in play pin.and my 17 year old was wanting to get him car,cause i cant afford and education for deal was he make good grades i get car.then i suggested scooter,he says really for him anything Xbox,or gym membership he wants one so bad.hes a big kid really wants to try and eat healthy and lose are a blessing to so blessed just to watch u make me laugh,n cry....u are awesome.and i love u for allowing us to be a part of your life.youve been making me laugh since the stand up comedy in the blue suit.and my cries happy cries cause you are and angel,your purpose here is partly to touch peoples lives and animals to:)that much i do know for sure.u are,laugh,love,faith,believe.......thats how you inspire me to live my life....:):):)