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246 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I am writing on behalf of my niece. She is an incredible young woman and has overcome many obstacles that most adults have never experience. As a teenager, she overcame homelessness and alcoholism. She was determined to obtain her high school diploma and did so, against terrible odds.

At the young age of 21 years old, she was placed in a position that most 21 year olds would run from and not look back. Instead of running, she made the conscious decision that it was up to her to step up and do what she felt was the right thing.

It all started with her older sister. Her older sister has a young child, which is my great-niece. The older sister is a very troubled soul and has made destructive choices for most of her adult life. My great-niece always stayed with my mother and step-father when her mother (the older sister) was incarcerated. However, when my step-father passed away earlier this year, my mother was too distraught to care for the young child.

This is when my niece, with the support of her boyfriend (both only 21 years old), made the decision to put their lives on hold for the sake of caring for my four year old great-niece. They have been working feverishly to ensure my great-niece’s best interests are met and are dedicated to her well-being.

They are making sure that my great-niece understands that she is not alone (even though her mother is absent by choice) and that she is loved. They are now expecting a child of their own and are in desperate need of a reliable vehicle for the four of them
It would be a true blessing for this unique family to receive a gift that supports their choices and reinforces that what they are doing is incredibly kind and does not go unnoticed by others.

My family wishes a Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of The Ellen Show staff.

RL - Elk Grove