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Renard Alexander II
Name Renard Alexander II
Age 27
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Hobbies I love helping people & being a fantastic father and husband.
About Me I'm a 27 year old young man from the west side of Chicago. I have been married for two years 6-11-2011 and that's also my son's birthday, he was our wedding gift from God 6-11-12 is his birthday. I have 4 children total 3 girls Christian (10), Kylan (5) & Dylin (4). 1 son Ethan (1) and a awesome Wife Tonya. I am a United States Postal Employee & I recently started back working because in September of 2011I was laid off but, by the grace of God I was called to come back after two years of unemployment. I got the job during the government shutdown. God is good! I am in love with Ellen, I think she's a great person with a huge heart. I can't help but cry when I see her blessing all the people that she blesses with little things such as a hundred dollar gift card or a costume for the little girl who danced on the show with her mom. I have the same heart as Ellen, I love to see people happy and I love to make people feel good and happy as well. I believe that Ellen is the most beautiful person inside & out. I love her. Ellen you are a blessing to the world & thank you for being you.
Renard Alexander II
Ellen's 'High Five to Win a 65"!'
77 days ago


Renard Alexander II
It's Pumpkin Season
290 days ago

Ellen you're the best! I love you lady, I watch you every day you bring joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. You're my everything.