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renae West
Name renae West
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Hobbies crafts, volunteering for the church and the youth homeless center, gardening , and antiques and organizing...
About Me I left home at 14 and have been on my own ever since, married at 17 for 10 yrs divorced had 3 boys raised on my own, was in an abusive relationship with a man from philadelphia , now just try to get out of bed everyday I listen to Pink "Try" and I love to help people, my passion is organizing so I have taught a lot of people how to do their homes and keep it that way....I have a companion dog named Spike we have never been apart...
renae West
Milwaukee! Ellen is Moving to 4PM!
493 days ago

Ellen my dog spike watches you with me every day and today he was really upset you not only had a screaming lady on , you had a freaking screaming goat he was really really upset ....I should of filmed him watching them so funny...

renae West
Quote of the Day: Be Kind
493 days ago

You can't be sick to many people need you, if it weren't for you in my life to brighten my day , I don't know what I would do , and my dog spike loves you to.
Ellen you do so many wonderful things for so many people you make me cry. I just love you , it seems like people are so wraped up in their own world and don't think of other's as you do, so thank you for sharing what you have, if only the rest of the world would get it, we would have no one in need of anything. Keep it up and for hell sakes , take care of yourself...

renae West
Win Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
593 days ago

Thank you Ellen for all you do for so so many people you a very special person, and you are always paying it forward all year long, Love you and all you do you are an inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you