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Rena Glennon
Name Rena Glennon
Location Melbourne, Victoria
Age 54
Joined 630 days ago
Hobbies music,writing,painting,creating,gardening,RRR,conservation,sustainable living practices
About Me A woman of this world, wise and deep thinking ,problem solver is my natural skill.I see solutions, not just in a bottle but on a larger global scale. I see the picture in wide view and know there is good to be found in all things. With Kind Regards, "Save As"
Rena Glennon
Protect Apes from Animal Testing
630 days ago

"Bubbles"Michael Jackson's chimp was not all wrong Ellen, thanks gal for your support of our family ape tree. I want to back this and many of your pet causes by writing songs and raps for them and other endangered species, which i want my girl band to record and put out there. Music gets into peoples ears and they can hear your cause Ellen, better with a beat and a jingle some snazzy sweet girls who want to make a change. I have the girls ready to get up and at em'now. They are cool, vibrant and bursting with energy to make a change and bring the youngies on board to adopt a loving endangered creature,"Save As" from extinction.
Kindest Regards,
Rena g