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regina btanham
Name regina btanham
Location Mesa, arizona
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Hobbies riding horses, making things out of other things, swimming, scrapping metal, flower arranging
About Me I love people that are open, honest and have sincere hearts. I love to surprise people with huge flower arrangements to let them know someone cares and appreciates them (especially teachers and elderly women). I have a good sense of humor and love people who enjoy life and see the positive side of things - life is too short to focus on the negative. I've learned that you are wasting your time if you think you are going to change someone - instead, start with yourself and lower your expectations towards others and what you think they should provide you with - you will only be disappointed. Smile, laugh and give of yourself when others can't do things by themselves.
regina btanham
Ellen and Portia Go Hiking
392 days ago

Ellen, I like the arrow on the rock that points up - lol, like you are not gonna be able to tell if you are hikin up or you - you're the best