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Exclusive! Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry Outtakes
319 days ago

Haha, they are so much fun! Glad you got them all together to do a mini reunion.

Ellen Reunites Some of Her 'Friends'
331 days ago

That was awesome! Thank you for getting three of the FRIENDS together! Please work your magic for a reunion next year!!! I miss that show sooooo much!

Mind Reader Stuns Ellen and Her Audience
353 days ago

Wow, that was awesome! I hope you do have him on again someday. Eric went to college with my husband. Never knew he could do tricks like that. Very cool!

Jennifer Aniston on 'Friends' Reunion Rumors
354 days ago

Next year it will be 10 years since the show ended! Ellen, work your magic for a FRIENDS reunion!