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Regan Miller
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
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Hi Ellen
I am 13 years old and the what i want is to meet or watch one of your shows in person you're such an inspiration and a joy in my life, as you help others when they have problems in life and sandy survivors i try at school to make people have great days everyday and make them laugh, its nothing close to what you do but people thank me for making their days when they have a bad one. You are one of my top idols and it would be such a pleasure to meet you. When i see your audience dancing with you i always wish i was there, as my family isn't the richest family in the world i know it is just a dream of mine that is stuck on my bucket list. Ellen i watch your show everyday and never miss classic joke Tuesday, i also would like to thank you for helping me see the light when there is none.

Thank you