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Regan Jones
Name Regan Jones
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Hobbies I love to sew and watch the Vampire Diaries!!! (I am OBESSED with that show) And of curse your show!!! I am obsseses with cats too!!
About Me My name is Regan Jones I am 14 turning 15 on 06-16 I love to watch your show. I live with my mom,my sister, my brother, and my moms boyfriend. I do not talk to my dad anymore. I don't want him in my life because of what he has done to my family. Anyway my mom is a single parent and she is a fifth grade teacher. I am a freshman and my brother and sister are sophomores (they are twins). My bes friends name is Sam and she is my true best friend. I am also
Regan Jones
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528 days ago

Hi Ellen! I am a 14 year old freshmen. Everyday after school I come home and watch your show everyday! You are an inspiration to me! I would love to be a cover girl just like you! I love you and look up b to you!!