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Soooo, you think this is good. HSUS is a sham organization which is anti-pet, anti-farming, anti-circus, anti-hunting, anti-fishing, anti-breeding---in other words ANTI the world. These beggars with their sad films have fooled many animal lovers who don't realize the monies don't go to animals primarily (less than 1% of their ill-gotten gains). They go to lobbying efforts, 6-figure salaries, cushy 401K's, etc. Why anyone who is not a animal rights extremist (note I did not say animal welfare--entirely different) would donate to such a groups as HSUS, PETA, ASPCA that are all intertwined and work together is a mystery. These vegan proponents will restrict farming, animal breeding, hunting, fishing, etc. with their restrictive legislation that is pushed by misinformed Hollywood types who may mean well but are mistaken. Give to your local shelters and rescues. HSUS/PETA are notorious for their kill rates at their headquarters. Their true desire is no animals and no pets. Remember, if you spay and neuter everything, it will cease to exist!!!