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Kristen Bell’s Pregnancy
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I ended up with two c-sections, but with my first, I did go through the entire labor process. When the contractions got pretty intense, I began holding my breath. My whole life that was how I dealt with pain. I was basically forced to have an epi, as I needed to breath through the contractions and I wasn't able to do it. After having an epi, I pushed for HOURS before my doctor told me my 10 lb. son was stuck in the birth canal and that I needed to have a c-section. Long story short...having a c-section is FAR more dangerous than a flipping epidural any day of the week! Talk about a longer recovery time...yes, that would be having a c-section. OH! To top it off, I only had Tylenol after my c-sections because I wanted to nurse and didn't want to be all doped out of my gourd and drug my baby.