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Rebecca J. (Ferrell) Anderson
Name Rebecca J. (Ferrell) Anderson
Age 55
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Hobbies Savoring each second I have with the people I love, especially our grandsons, AND their parents; Singing, since age 5, & writing music, since 9; used to sing in 5 foreign languages; playing piano & guitar; "Wheel Chair Dancing" my booty off; laughing; loving; swimming; watching great movies, like "Auntie Mame" or "Pulp Fiction"; signing and/or starting petitions, like the one in 7th grade where I demanded that the "GIRLS COULD WEAR PANTS, IF THE BOYS COULD"; holding liars, like "Big Business & Politicians, accountable for their lies; reading my Bible; cussing out ANYONE who NEEDS IT; proving medical "experts" WRONG, by "OUTLIVING" THEIR PROGNOSIS! OH, YEAH... OH, YEAH... BOO-YA!
About Me I'm a 3/4ths-crazy, 55-yr-old Broad; grew up in a town that was a-mile-and-a-half long, on 1 side of a Hwy. in Kentucky; moved to Chicago, 2 months before I turned 17, & made it on my own & lived there almost 8 yrs. I was broken into 5 times, in 5 DIFFERENT places, UNTIL: I had 2 pistols; 2 shotguns; 1 machete; & one bad-ass old man. THAT solved THAT little problem & AND WE MADE THE ONLY CHILD I COULD EVER HAVE! I moved back to Ky & got married & moved to NY; came back home, & hung with that crazy bastard for 12 & 1/2 yrs; got divorced, swore OFF men; thought of "batting for the other side," but just TOO damn heterosexual for my own good. After a year of NO DATING, I met my 2nd, & LAST, HUSBAND, & we married over 14 yrs. ago, when my son was 15. We finished raising him, & now he's nearly 30. He got married to a his High School sweetheart, a FANTASTIC woman, & 3 yrs. later THEY GAVE US our GREATEST TREASURES, 2 GRANDSONS: Link, age 6, & Emerson, ("Emer") age 4. I only miss 3 things about ANY city, & those 3 are in Chicago: "Greek Islands" & their Art Museum (LOVE Rembrandt) & the beautiful diversity of colors & kinds of people. LOVE Myrtle Beach, but never got to go back: TOO poor, & need a new damn wheel chair, AND a car that WON'T break down (& the gas to get there!), but CAN'T HANDLE what our government wants everyone to go through to get stinking new wheel chair. Riding in a constantly "breaking-down" old van that my hubby's Aunt bought, right before her nephew's ex-woman was getting ready to take it to a junk yard. Now, our home ISN'T "free & clear" & wouldn't matter if it was; had an ice storm 5 years ago & "Black Mold" was silently growing under the roof, above the ceiling. It didn't "show" till 4 yrs. later, & made me MUCH sicker, But it was "ours!" Our 800 sq. ft. "getaway" (Now, a P.O.S.) by a lake. It WAS ours UNTIL a blood-sucking company slapped a lien on it for VERY close to what our home P.V.A.s for: $15K! Yep, WE HIT THE BIG TIME with THAT one! Just WISH I'd taped the judge, who said, "Mrs. Anderson, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO PUT A LIEN ON YOUR HOME." OH, YEAH? 'Well, Mr. Judege, 3 months later, THEY DID!' However, IT'S ALL GOOD; I NEVER WAS a "thing" kinda person, thank God... My Mom died, of cancer, 11 days after I turned 13; Daddy passed in 2008, after "beating" 3 separate types of cancer, 7 yrs. apart, "cancer-free"; & my "2nd Mom" died in January of last year. All but 3, of 28 Aunts & Uncles, are gone; & way too many friends. But, I've ALWAYS seen that glass as half-FULL; just BORN THIS WAY! I'm not just surviving; I'M LIVING, WITH A SMILE!
Rebecca J. (Ferrell) Anderson
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Ellen, I hope this is your best birthday, ever. I've watched you from your beginning, but I won't say how long ago that was for either of us. Wink, wink -- Nudge, nudge... There are now a giant part of my family watching you every morning. They've all become huge fans; how couldn't they? All our mornings are made so much brighter and they begin with the best gift, and medicine, of all: laughter! So, I wanted to thank you, Ellen, and wish you, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY GAL!' Have a fantastic day, and take a little time to think of all the lives you've touched and made better by sharing yourself with us. THANK YOU, ELLEN!