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Rebecca Gibson
Name Rebecca Gibson
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About Me As I always say My life is based on a true story.But a long story short the most recent thing about me is. I lost my son May 30th,2013 to a massive stroke he was my whole world and the love of my life my only child..And that same morning he passed away the man that I had lived with for 15 years abused me and threw me out without even clothes to wear to my sons funeral.So since May 30th till now it has been a battle and a struggle just to survive.
Rebecca Gibson
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222 days ago

There is really only two things that would make me smile and happy and thankful and that is my teeth fixed so I can smile all I need are dentures which I cant afford because I'm on S.S. And it would so awesome to have a good used reliable and dependable vehicle for my doctor appointments and to check on my mom without having to work on it first when it does decide to run.Because the one thing I truly want and long for is to be able to hold and kiss my son and tell him how much I Love him and that I am so thankful God choice me to be his mother.But I know this impossible because my son passed away May 30th,2013. Ellen,thank you so much for all that you do for people may God bless you and Merry Christmas....