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Chris Paul's Random Acts of Kindness
163 days ago

Hi Ellen! I love the Random Acts of Kindness idea. Thank you Chris Paul for paying it forward!
I used to donate monthly to my local Food Bank and also SPCA to try and be sure every pet gets a home. My health has taken a bad turn and I can no longer work. I can no longer afford to donate money and I am not well enough to donate my time.
Ellen, do you have any ideas of how I can still contribute to the less fortunate and still pay it forward?
You are such a great inspiration and make me smile every day.
Thank you,

Neil Patrick Harris, Hunter Hayes
180 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! Hope you are feeling better. Although Ellie did a great job, I missed your smiling face. Cant wait to see you back next week. You really brighten up my day.