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Ray Jr.
Name Ray Jr.
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About Me I'm Writing this because i started to think about influence, there is positive influence and negative influence, influence is what drives others to do good thing or bad things, I made this sight because 2 great people taught me that, Ellen taught me to dance but the 2 great people that influenced my life Dave and Dave Jr(DJ), one i met the other I cant wait to meet, Both of them Love, One Loves His Daughter so much he gave a Kidney, the other loves his Mother and little sister so much that they still feel it, But it is their influence on the world that will change the way others think, Because Dave has the most adorable little girl that absolutely adores him because he shows her his love, Dave Jr. has already shown his love in the way he cared for his lil sister and always was the big man for his mother and that influence them to keep his love here, we need to stop hating and writing about it, I know I have done it, but it was from the negative influence in my life, But just last week I lost one of the most positive part of my life "My Omi" sorry to say Ellen she taught me to dance first lol, but the dancing she influenced on me was to go out and be happy in life and show it to others so that maybe they can pay back that influence, Just Remember that when ya right next Hate Post peeps, Hate only breeds Hate, we need to speak with a better tongue so that peeps can see and hear with Better Eyes and Ears, Just Saying Still Love Ya PEEPS X8X Happy Posting LOL I love you Omi Always -N-Forever Love Ray JR.